Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I-601 Waivers

(1) Question: What is an I-601 Waiver?
Answer: A I-601 waiver is an application filed with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services to remove the conditions of inadmissibility on an alien.
(2) Question: Why does an alien need to remove the conditions of inadmissibility?
Answer: Usually because the alien entered illegal without inspection or the alien may have been charged or found guilty of certain crimes under United States law that makes them inadmissible.
(3) Question: What does the waiver permit them to do?
Answer: The waiver permits the alien to return to the United States earlier than the normal 3 or 5 year bar that would normally not allow the alien to return before that time period is complete.
(4) Question: What is the essential element that need to proven in this waiver application?
Answer: Hardship on a United States Citizen or a Legal Permanent Resident Alien. Those hardships vary and a lot of supporting evidence needs to be submitted for a waiver to be successful.
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